Top 5 Wing Bowl VillainsDennis Rodman was the most recent villain at Wing Bowl 24.
The 14 Winners Of Wing BowlThere have been 24 Wing Bowls and 14 winners since it began in 1993.
How Does Molly Schuyler Do It?Molly Schuyler, at 5'7, 120 pounds, is once again Wing Bowl champion.
Molly Schuyler Wins Wing Bowl 24For the second time in three years, Molly Schuyler edged out Patrick Bertoletti to win the Wing Bowl.
PHOTOS: EatingAnd the eating begins at Wing Bowl 24!
PHOTOS: Wingettes AT Wing Bowl 24Check out all the photos of the lovely Wingettes at Wing Bowl 24!
PHOTOS: Dennis Rodman at Wing Bowl 24Check out photos of Dennis Rodman's appearance at Wing Bowl 24!
PHOTOS: Wing Bowl 24 EntouragesThe entourages make their entrances to Wing Bowl 24!
Big Daddy Enters Wing Bowl 24Big Daddy...and his chicken...enter Wing Bowl 24.
PHOTOS: Celebrities / WIP Talent94WIP staff and celebrities at Wing Bowl 24.
PHOTOS: Backstage At Wing Bowl 24The excitement builds for the start of Wing Bowl 24!
Wing Bowl 24 Guide: Odds, Past Winners & A Local UnderdogFind out the odds, past winners and more as we get set for Wing Bowl 24.

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