Photos: Wingettes of Wing Bowl 23The photos we all know you came to see.... Keep checking back - we will be adding more pics all day.
Photos: The CrowdThe Wing Bowl always attracts an array of characters.
Photos: Outside Wing Bowl 23Check out the scene outside Wells Fargo.....
Photos: Backstage EntouragesGo backstage to check out the entourages!
Photos: Wing Bowl 21 Entourages & Their WingettesCheck out all the Wing Bowl 21 Entourages and their Wingettes!
Photos: Gold Club Wingettes
Photos: Wingettes Brittany and Jenna
01/31/13 - Wing Bowl 21 Weigh-In
Photos: Wingette Tricia
Photos: Club Oasis Wingettes
Photos: Wingette Talia
Photos: Studio Wing Off