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Skin and Bones Bio

Eater Name: Skin + Bones Hometown: Philly Height: 6’3″        Weight: 170 Eating Stunt: “Elf” pasta (failed) – In studio Wing Off (won) Strategy for Stunt : n/a First Eating Contest: La Salle […]


Super Squibb Bio

Eater Name: Super Squibb Hometown: Winslow, NJ Height: 6’4″        Weight: 230 Eating Stunt: Previous Wing Bowl winner. Strategy for Stunt : Eat more wings then everyone else! And never stop. First Eating […]


Large Todd

Large Todd Bio

Eater Name: Large Todd Hometown: Columbia, MD Height: 6 ft              Weight: 330 Eating Stunt: Wing Bowl DC 2012- 94 wings in 14 min Strategy for Stunt: Try to remember […]


Not Rich Bio

Eater Name: Not Rich Hometown: Schwenksville, PA Height: 6`1           Weight: 220lbs Eating Stunt: 1 Whole Primo`s Italian Hoagie with the works in 10 mins Strategy for Stunt : Fast and […]


The Wiz Kid Bio

Eater Name: The Wiz Kid Hometown: Levittown, PA Height: 5`10” Weight:180 lbs Eating Stunt: 1 Cow tongue in 6 mins Strategy for Stunt : Don’t Throw Up First Eating Contest: This stunt Favorite Food: Chicken […]