Large Todd Bio

Eater Name: Large Todd

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Height: 6 ft              Weight: 330

Eating Stunt: Wing Bowl DC 2012- 94 wings in 14 min

Strategy for Stunt: Try to remember that the wings aren’t boneless.

First Eating Contest: Wing Bowl DC 2012

Favorite Food: Anything deep fried.

Favorite Wing Bowl Moment: None yet.

Favorite Philly Sports Team: That is a clown questions. Nat’s and Skin’s all the way.

What are you looking forward to most about Wing Bowl: Everything. I am so excited.

Favorite Part of Wing Bowl: Don’t know yet.

Would you rather win the Wing Bowl or Eagles win the Super Bowl: That is easy. Wing Bowl 2013.

First Eating Contest: Wing Bowl DC 2012.

Competitive Eating History: Wing Bowl DC 2012- First Place 94 wings 14 min and the 2012 Roma Sausage Natty Boh Brats- 2nd place 23 sausages in 5 min.

Personal result in prior Wing Bowls: None

Goal for this year: To eat over 200 wings.

Wing Bowl 21Prediction: Win it all!

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