The Bear Bio

Eater Name: The Bear

Hometown: Granby, CT

Height: 6`2`              Weight: 220lbs

Eating Stunt: 5 Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in 9mins

Strategy for Stunt : Eat fast

First Eating Contest: Chili Dogs

Favorite Food: Burritos

Favorite Wing Bowl Moment: Kobi`s win in Wing Bowl 20

Favorite Philly Sports Team: None

What are you looking forward to most about Wing Bowl: Winning

Favorite Part of Wing Bowl: The Entourages

Would you rather win the Wing Bowl or Eagles win the Super Bowl: Win Wing Bowl

Competitive Eating History: 2012 All Pro Eating Rookie of the Year, 21 wins in 26 total eating contests

Participant in prior Wing Bowls: No

Goal for this year: 1st Place

Wing Bowl 21 Prediction: I win, Squibb runner up


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