Wing Bowl 20 Odds

Rick The Manager: 100-1
Snack Jack : 75-1
*The Ukraine Train: 75-1

Freak Of Nature: 50-1
Hot Pockets: 50-1
*Elmer Fudd: 50-1
*The Rooster: 40-1
*King Kong: 35-1
Not Rich: 35-1
*Mr. 1%: 30-1
Nick Papagorgio: 25-1
Damaging Doug: 20-1
Kenso Kevin: 20-1
Iceman: 20-1
Oink Oink: 18-1
Boring John: 15-1
US Male: 10-1
Gentlemen Gerry: 9-1
*Skin & Bones: 8-1
*Stevil Kanevil: 8-1
*Eaterama: 7-1
Quazy: 5-1
El Wingador: 4-1
*Chilita: 3-1
*Takeru Kobayashi: 2-1
Jonathan ‘Super’ Squibb: 2-1

*denotes first time participant


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