QUALIFIED: Dino “Drunken Mussels” Francano

drunken mussels qualified QUALIFIED: Dino Drunken Mussels Francano
3 lbs. of mussels in 4 minutes…impressive

Date: 1/20/11
Location: Tastykake Studios at 610 WIp
Contestant: Dino “Drunken Mussels” Francano
Stunt: 3 lbs. of Mussels in 4 minutes
Outcome: This stunt had an interesting twist because not only did Francano have to eat all 3 lbs. of mussels in the alotted time, but Al also added the stipulation that he could not remove the mussels from their shells before time started. Instead He would have to crack open each, eat, and then move on to the next one. Without a steady rhythm of cracking the shells he would have no chance. By the end of the stunt, Drunken Mussels proved that not only could he handle the shells, the guy can really eat too. He finished with about 25 seconds to spare and has qualified for Wing Bowl 2011.

[photogallerylink id=2720]


One Comment

  1. Amy Young says:

    This guy needs to enter our “Mussel Bowl” My family owns Chick’s Tavern in Bridgeport, PA and we are known for the Best Mussels in Town. This Sunday, Jan. 30 we are hosting our 8th Annual Mussel Bowl. Last year the winner ate 235 Mussels in ten minutes —www.chickstavern.net

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