QUALIFIED: Eric “Mongo” Prybella

mongo bio QUALIFIED: Eric Mongo Prybella
This guy was a lunatic, but he sure could eat. After downing these sardines, he’s qualified for Wing Bowl 19

  • Date: 12/17/10
  • Location: Tastykake Studios at 610 WIP
  • Eater: Eric “Mongo” Prybella
  • Stunt: 5 cans of sardines in 2 minutes
  • Outcome: This guy walked into our studios FIRED UP. When asked how he was feeling, Mongo’s only reply was, “I’m gonna eat the plate!” When we finally settled him down enough to begin the stunt, there was no stopping him. He only looked up from the plate to yell, or to tell Angelo to be quiet because his concentration was being affected. Mongo was an impressive eater, but we’re not sure he’s figured out how a radio show works…Either way he finished all 5 cans of the slippery slimy fish, and this nut has earned his spot at Wing Bowl 2011. 

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